Shopping at Amazon

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I didn’t realize Manila does not carry a lot of sewing machine brands. My only choices are Juki and Brother. The first isn’t available here while the other carries only about 7 models which are not so good, really. 

I don’t know if the reviews in Amazon are paid or real but reading some of them is making me think twice about purchasing.

For one, shipping the item all the way to the Philippines only to find out the purchase isn’t functioning properly will cost me an arm and leg by sending it back to have it exchanged. Second, I’m not sure if people can fix it here in case something goes wrong with it. And lastly, I would not be able to try it first before purchase.



The Seasonal Writer

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It’s a cycle that I go on a writing binge then suddenly it halts. 

This blog was originally for anything makeup that should have tutorials and videos with my sister as a model then after I go to fashion, it would slowly pick up those that I learned from my courses and share them here.

I have always wanted to make money off blogging but I don’t know how, where to begin or if anybody’s even reading this blog that would be necessary in generating income. I also don’t like to jump in the bandwagon where bloggers are writing the same thing.

The most read blogs in Manila come from bloggers who are either in the showbiz or fashion industry. Since they already have a following, how would you compete with that even if their tutorials are silly, mind you. 

So, where exactly do I begin??

Oh, it’s a hard knock life.



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: Why I Won’t Get It

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We were driving around town when out of the blue I told my husband not to get me the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I had a feeling he would get me one and I was right! He said he was supposed to surprise me by getting one from my makeup supplier! Thank God I had the sudden urge to say that even if I was only assuming. Haha 😀

When I first got my hands on the 1st Naked Palette, I was over the moon. I loved the color pay off of almost each eyeshadows and did not bother if there were only 3 matte shades: Virgin, Naked, and Buck.

I mostly use Buck for my eyebrows and transition colors for dark shades.

Naked is mainly used as a transition color for lighter shades. Sometimes I use it all over the lids also.

It’s not all the time I use Virgin but when I do it’s for my eyebrow highlight or as a base color applied all over the lid.

My favorite look for the Naked Palette which became my signature makeup for sometime comprises of gold and bronze, of course: 🙂

Half Baked is the most loved color of the bunch. I use this on under the eyes, sometimes in the inner corner of my eye but mainly as a lid color.

I use Smog to blend out Half Baked and sometimes as a lid color for a dark smokey eye.

Darkhorse sometimes confuses me, to be honest. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it but I find its primary purpose is for defining the v-shape in the outer corner of the eyes.

I usually mix Sin with Virgin as a highlight color but this can stand alone for that as well. I rarely use this for my eyelids.

Moving on to the colors I don’t use from the Naked Palette.. the reason for that is I find the rest muddy as in really dirty looking. Apart from that, I’m also not a big fan of these colors:

It’s a shame I find Sidecar a pretty color but got turned off with the horrible chunky glitters. Expect glitter fallout when using this shade. Read: Glitter Bomb

To give justice to Toasted, I pair it with gold tones. This looks pretty in the pan but gets muddy when worn.

Hustle looks violet in the pan but when swatched or applied on the lids, it gives off a greyish tone. I don’t find this true to its color, in other words. Again, muddy.

I’m not into grey nor into blue. Creep is a combination of grey and blue. I only use this to seal my eyeliner when I’ve no choice.

Gunmetal is a lighter version of Creep. You can use this together with Creep to create a smokey look if you want but I don’t do that. That look is just not for me.

So, to answer why I wouldn’t get the Naked 2? It’s because I know I wouldn’t like every single eyeshadow in the palette. I would rather get individual shades that I really like. In that case, I’d be certain to use them all and not leave them alone to dust. The colors from the Naked Palette look pretty in the pan but not all of them are easy to work with. Some tend to look dirty when blended out.

You can check out the colors from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette if they’re worth the $50 price tag:


MAC Pro Lip Palette

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OH MY GOSH. I have never been this excited over a product! I was browsing through my Facebook page when I saw an online makeup seller put up a photo of one of the most exciting product EVER!! MAC is releasing its latest product this August 2012 called MAC Pro Lip Palette. *gasp*


So much goodness in one palette!! 6 shades in a single container is too good to be true.. but it is true!! 😀 I’m very impressed with the color range, it covers shades there is possible in a lipstick: Browns, Pinks, Plums, Oranges, and Reds.

I’m more than willing to spend $40 for a lip palette you can fully customize. I pick 2 of each, please? 🙂 Now that we’re already halfway through August, I wonder when exactly will this product be out for grabs.

I’m not a MAC Pro member because that privilege is not extended in the Philippines. 😦 You can’t grab or view photos of the MAC Pro Lip Palette from its website if you aren’t a signed member hence the photos are found via Google. 

Bobbi Brown’s Version of Shades of Grey

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Almost everyone’s in love with the Christian Grey and one of them is Bobbi Brown. The new Bobbi Brown Come-Hither Shades of Greys with the tagline ‘When did grey get so naughty’ is the makeup artist’s tribute to the popular trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James.

Pretty smart of Ms. Brown to bank on the latest trilogy craze, if you ask me. Hehe 😉 On a serious note, I personally lust over this latest collection because the greys look absolutely stunning and you can just never go wrong with basic colors. You can create a classic smokey look or go a la rockstar with the silver and metallic colors.

The Bobbi Brown Come-Hither Greys collection for comprises of 6 greys: Steel eyeshadow (dark grey), Charcoal eyeshadow (dark grey), White eyeshadow (pure white), Rockstar metallic eyeshadow (medium metallic grey), Mercury metallic long-wear cream eyeshadow (silver sparkle), and Granite Ink long-wear gel eyeliner. So that’s a total of 3 matte and 2 metallic eyeshadows and a single metallic gel liner. That’s pretty balanced, in my opinion.

I have always found Bobbi Brown on the mid-range when it comes to eyeshadow price points. You pay more here than MAC eyeshadows, to simply put it. Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows are available for $21 while eyeliners are at $24.


Pinterest: Pin Your Interest

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Instead of browsing through magazines for fashion and beauty ideas, I’ve found a new avenue to find inspiration. Pinterest is a social networking site where you can create image boards and share or ‘pin’ them for others to see and ‘repin.’ You can also visit one’s board to check out what they’ve pinned. To simply put it, Pinterest is actually like the Facebook of images or mood boards. Well, aside from Instagram that is! 😀

Pinning has become a past time when I have nothing to do online or if I want to see something pretty. For the past few months I’ve pinned a few images as pegs to planning or bringing an outfit together. You can compile and print them out  to serve as guides when you go on your way shopping. Treat it as a fashion cheat sheet! This is actually a good idea so you won’t stray from the look you’re going for. We all know how easily we get distracted once we’ve stepped in a shop! We always end up with purchases we do not intend to buy and so the original plan gets scratched off. 😦

You can also find beauty inspiration when you’re running out of  hair and makeup looks to wear. Other pins have step-by-step instructional shots that stands as a tutorial, they’re actually dummy-proof don’t worry. 🙂

Images or pins in Pinterest do not limit to fashion and beauty alone. Theres a whole range out there that includes (mouth-watering) food, travel, architecture, interesting DIYs and a whole lot more.

Check it out and enjoy pinning!


Basics: Oversized Watch

August 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Accessories can amp up a simple outfit. You can dress up your shorts + shirt ensemble by donning some shades, bangles, bag, and an oversize watch.

I was browsing through a watch website when I thought I needed one. I’ve narrowed down the brands to the ones I like: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. I find these two pretty reasonable when it comes to their price range. I have always loved gold so my choices must have my favorite color. 🙂 Warm tones look better to me than cool ones so I own only a handful of white gold and silver jewelry and accessories.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch

I immediately fell in love with the color combination of Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch. Gold and black is a definite shoo-in in my book. I’m actually having second thoughts on this since the strap is in leather material. Perhaps this is a better choice:

Michael Kors Runway Midsized Black Silicone Watch

The Michael Kors Runway Midsized Black Silicone Watch is pretty too but there’s not enough gold for me. Haha!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gold Tone Sunray Dial Watch

I’m really feeling this watch since it embodies basic perfectly. I also like the fact the strap is in stainless steel. It makes it look more expensive. The only problem I have with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gold Tone Sunray Dial Watch is it’s too common but that should not be that much of a big deal. Other than that, it’s perfect.

Michael Kors Lexington Gold Tone Chronograph Watch

I feel that the Michael Kors Lexington Gold Tone Chronograph Watch is the kind of watch you would have to fit first before you purchase. The face is a little too big for my wrist, I have a feeling it would just swallow my wrist whole but we’ll see.

These watches range from $175 – $250, I wouldn’t want to shell out more than that just because it’s not really a brand you would invest on, in my opinion. I just wanted an oversized watch.